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Growing row crops across more than 10,000 acres spanning four counties in North Alabama

As a large-scale producer, we harvest and sell directly to large corporate processors. So while you won’t find our products at a local farmers’ market, you will find them in many households.


Bridgeforth cotton is a long staple upland cotton grown throughout summer and harvested each fall. Known for its durability and lush feel, it makes for a versatile raw material in the apparel space.


Bridgeforth corn is planted in the spring and harvested in late summer, and sold for use in many products, like pet foods, animal feeds, and biofuels. 


Bridgeforth soybeans are planted in the spring and summer, harvested in the fall, and make their way into consumer products such as vegetable oil, milk, protein, and tofu, as well as in animal feeds and non-food applications.


Bridgeforth wheat, planted in the fall and harvested in late spring, is preferred for making all types of flours. Therefore, Bridgeforth wheat is mainly consumed regionally through flours for bread, pizza, tortillas, or cookies. 


Sorghum, a drought-resistant, non-GMO grain, a relatively new crop for Bridgeforth Farms and atypical for Alabama. It has been grown at Bridgeforth in recent years to study its viability for the region and is used in specialty feed as well as exported to international markets.


Bridgeforth Farm also has grown the oilseed crop canola as part of a viability study in partnership with Alabama A&M. Its end use is mainly vegetable oil production.