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Supporting Black growers today and impacting future generations

Bridgeforth Farms partner Bill Bridgeforth was one of only 15 farmers in the country named a “Champion of Change” by the U.S. Department of Agriculture back in 2014, and rightfully so. The Bridgeforth family story is inseparable from the history of Black land ownership and farming in America. We are committed to ensuring that the success story endures as a testimonial and sharing our knowledge to advance and support the interests of Black growers now and in the future.

Our leadership also works to cultivate a love for agriculture among future generations to ensure the sustainability of our global food supply. Learn more about our key advocacy areas below:

National Black Growers Council

Bridgeforth Farms has for many years served as a member of the National Black Growers Council, which works to “improve the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of Black row crop farmers.” Bill Bridgeforth is Chairman Emeritus.

Making a Global Impact

Founded in 2012, Bridgeforth International Corporation works to develop agriculture worldwide by facilitating business between Bridgeforth Farms, the National Black Growers Council, and overseas buyers while maintaining a focus on promoting agribusiness education and awareness.

Inspiring Future Farmers

Kyle Bridgeforth participates as a young leader in many local and national organizations, setting an example and networking to educate about and advocate for agriculture. Kyle shares his vision and views about the future of young leaders in farming in a recent Q&A with 4-H, the youth development program of the USDA and Cooperative Extension System.

Our Work


Producing high-quality crops that include cotton, wheat, corn, soybeans, sorghum, and canola

Projects & Partnerships

Collaborating with others to develop new farm products, technology, and techniques

In the News

Sharing our story, promoting our industry, and cultivating future generations’ interest in agriculture